Types of dance

Ballroom dancing

Formal dancing is a dance in a couple. Most sorts of couples dancing are gotten from salon moves, for which the model were thusly society and court moves (for example gavotte, quadrille, counterredance).

These days, couples dances are isolated into standard and Latin American moves (decided at competitions), as well as practical moves.

Modern dance

Modern or contemporary dance derives from ballet, but is devoid of its rigid rules. It can be danced both in pairs and singly. Very often it is danced in a group, according to a specific choreography. It combines elements of various styles. The idea of modern dance is to express emotions through movement.

Here are the most popular types of modern dance:

  • jazz
  • dancehall
  • hip-hop (including break dance, new style, new age)
  • funk (including popping, locking, roboting – sometimes also included in hip-hop)
    The dances from this group are constantly evolving and almost every year new styles appear, based on the already known ones. An example can be varieties of jazz: modern, street, funky.

Other popular types of dance

They often come from exotic cultures, require the use of additional equipment or are closely related to fitness.

  • zumba
  • flamenco
  • belly dance
  • bollywood dance
  • pole dance
  • hula dance